If Christmas in Europe is usually very cold, in Asia we, especially tropical countries, are hot all year round, fortunately, the weather just becomes chilly. Therefore, Christmas is also an ideal occasion for people to give each other magical scent with a warm, joyful and festive spirit.

California Snow – A Lab On Fire and a magical scent

How will you feel when you encounter the phenomenon of “tropical snow”? And how will that feeling when being “fragmented”? That’s why California Snow was born. Similar to our tropical climate, California is a temperate climate all year round, and it never snows. The perfumer of A Lab On Fire with a magical scent has unexpectedly gifted the lands that never snow a masterpiece that carries the spirit of pure and exciting snow.

California Snow - A Lab On Fire and a magical scent
California Snow – A Lab On Fire and a magical scent

Since its launch, the product has created a great buzz, being loved and received by many people. To create a luscious white snow effect, A Lab On Fire combines a variety of mountain flowers and herbs to create a natural and distinctively evocative scent.

Liqueur Charnelle – Pierre Guillaume

After the vast United States, we visit the magnificent city of Paris to celebrate Christmas. Noel in the French capital with the most sophisticated and trendy fashion culture and lifestyle in Europe is something very different. Liqueur Charnelle is a very favorite product of Pierre Guillaume bringing the joyful spirit of Parisians during the holiday.

Liqueur Charnelle possesses a magical and vibrant scent, which is a combination of ripe fruit aromas mixed with excellent cognac notes. Intoxicating and smooth, the scent of wine now gently surrounds your body in a gentle and loving way. Liqueur Charnelle is a Christmas fragrance full of romance, emotion and suitable for men.

Enigma parfum cologne – Roja Dove

Next, we will fly to London, England to celebrate Christmas. Connoisseurs are no less than France, England are dashing, neat, thorough but equally exhilarating, generous and especially love the party atmosphere. Therefore, it is not surprising that the land of fog is the birthplace of countless famous cocktail recipes.

However, today, in an atmosphere of reunion, we will continue to enjoy another unique cognac specialty called Enigma by artist Roja Dove. Replacing tobacco with cigars, replacing ripe fruit with vanilla and mellow resin, Enigma is full of the magical scent of medicinal wine. The scent on has a pompous, close, and unforgettable character.

Jubilation XXV Men – Amouage

From stylish Europe, we continue our journey to the mysterious and deep East. Jubilation XXV Men is a radiant and beautiful creation from the royal perfumery of “one thousand and one nights”. Jubilation XXV was born on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the perfume maker Amouage.

With the theme of frankincense and frankincense, combined with unique spices from Oman, Jubilation XXV shines on the skin in an extremely vivid and brilliant way. Its magical and uplifting scents evoke feelings of exhilaration, excitement and intoxication.

Sogno Reale – Mendittorosa

From Oman, we travel to Italy again and experience the authentic Italian reunion atmosphere called Sogno Reale from Mendittorosa perfume brand. Sogno Reale, Vietnamese for “dream come true”, is a cross between Italian romance and adventure with the constantly rotating natural elements of the sky and the sea.

Gentle on the skin with the scent of rum, ambergris, sandalwood and myrrh, Sogno Reale can bring people back to a state of peace, lightheadedness and comfort.