Freedom, no strings attached, but still keeping the youthfulness unchanged is the creative spirit of EX NIHILO. And here, let’s join the most luxurious niche brand in Paris on a journey to escape with scents. In the span of more than two years when the COVID-19 epidemic raged until now, the world has changed a lot. It seems that large-scale quarantines make people love each other more, connect with each other more sincerely, and care about each other more. More than ever, we are aware of and cherish the happiness of our carefree breathing process. The pleasure of enjoying the scent thanks to Covid has had interesting evolutions.


1. French Scent

Before Covid appeared, scent was a means – an invisible but charming fashion accessory, the purpose of making people become more mysterious and mysterious. Wanting to separate a person through scent is indeed not simple at all, even, sometimes it is quite stressful mixed with pressure.

Over the years, fragrance lovers have formed the concept of French fragrance, which refers to the style of using perfume passionately and confidently, in order to let the world around “foresee” their existence even when they are not alone. “not yet” appears through scent. The French perfume bottles first, of course, need to have French nationality, secondly, they will standardize the multi-layered passionate fragrance style without hiding the unique nostalgic style.

Those are some basic descriptions of French aromatics. And the definition of standard French aroma is gradually removed and refreshed thanks to EX NIHILO.


Located in the “heart” of Paris, the magnificent Place Vendome, where the quintessence of France such as Hermes, Chanel, Goyard, Diptyque…, EX NIHILO is the home of young “ambitious” French artists. “I want global perfume lovers to love France all over again by confidently removing part of the French fragrance prejudice.

Right from the name of the incense house has made us curious. EX NIHILO is not French, but the Latin root means From Nowhere. The incense house from Void does not want to start with any constraints or pressure. Freedom, openness, no strings attached, youthful and unchanging, that is the creative spirit of EX NIHILO.

Not only redefining the concept of French fragrance, EX NIHILO loves the art forms and enjoys connecting the culturally rich pleasures of humanity with scent. In other words, far from the traditional fragrance style “in the past”, EX NIHILO calls itself a “global citizen” fragrance house when successfully compiling scents that erase the default gender, age, ethnicity , time…


EX NIHILO’s global citizen-style scent is called Citizen X. With a minimalist, clean, and natural fragrance like the air, Citizen X has a spreading mechanism – developing a very unexpected scent on the skin. skin per person at each time. Sometimes, the scent is as clear as our skin when it is freshly cleansed and detoxed, at other times, the scent is pure and full of vitality. Citizen X is unexpected and elusive, a scent capable of giving users many pleasant surprises every time they use it. With Citizen X, EX NIHILO sends the message that each of us is a global citizen who can adapt, integrate, be liked, but cannot be dissolved.

EX NIHILO emphasizes the look, you can easily see it when looking through the form of a perfume bottle. Bringing a clear, modern, beautiful and sustainable design language with delicate strokes to form a friendly and firm hexagon, it turns out that the incense house uses a map of the center of Paris to “swipe” the body of the bottle. perfume. Choosing green as the main identity color, EX NIHILO sends us a message of freedom, creativity, youth and happiness. The visual arts continue to be promoted by EX NIHILO and created Cuir Celeste. With the main notes of tea, leather, quince, cedarwood, Cuir Celeste honors black and white photography when covering the lover’s skin with a scent as pure as snow, separate, smooth and deep. .

The creative barrier-free fragrance style continues to be expressed by EX NIHILO through Honore Delights. France is not only famous for wine, cheese, and fashion, it is also a country of culinary masters. The quintessence of cuisine converges in the field of sweet desserts. EX NIHILO “encapsulates” the essence of French fruit cake, a “dreamlike” cake with a poetic macaron, into the scent of Honore Delights. The scent of Gourmand – Hao Sweet style is especially new, passionate, attractive, completely non-irritating and sticky on the skin, the more you smell it, the more you love it.


Not only “having fun” connecting aromatic art with other contemporary art industries as known, in the spring – summer of 2022, EX NIHILO launches a limited scent In Paradise Riviera, with the aim of inviting fragrance lovers ” escape” from the post-COVID “freeze” state, restarting the spirit of love of travel. In Paradise Riviera is the scent of paradise on earth, is the title of the most beautiful sea in Europe, the Riviera is favored by global travel connoisseurs. The scent is like a rushing and youthful wind, fragrant with sweet flowers, pink and succulent fruits, sparkling with fresh fragrant sea salt dust covering the skin, which is both healthy but equally inviting.



The post-COVID fragrant world is open, pure, bright, capable of regenerating positive energy for us and then continuing to connect us to many free, different, colorful and fragrant trips. no pressure at all.

Are you ready for new adventures with EX NIHILO?

In Vietnam, you can experience EX NIHILO at the scent mecca ViinRiic, the official and exclusive distributor of Tu Voi incense house.