“The world of luxury scents is not only dressed in gold and silver diamonds inlaid, people are searching for scents because of their souls, their unique beauty, their unmistakable demeanor. .”


In the early 90s of the last century, perfume was considered a makeup method that was a bit too bold, sometimes flamboyant. At that time, we were familiar with small and modest Miss Saigon perfume bottles, or a little more luxurious, some funny perfume bottles from Thailand. Those who “dare” to equip themselves with a bottle of Chanel or Guerlain or Dior are, of course, “foreign”.

At that time, in Vietnam, Chanel from Paris was synonymous with luxurious aristocracy. That view is still maintained in a relative state to the present, 30 years later. 30 years have passed, from the time to smell an email in the middle of Hanoi’s Old Quarter or District 1 of Saigon, we leisurely meditate and wait for about… 2 hours of luck, until now, the world of information technology has developed. developed like a storm, what has changed in the fragrant world?


There's a world of luxury scents
There’s a world of luxury scents


In the 90s and earlier, we were familiar with perfume names associated with fashion brands. This fragrance branch is called Designer Perfume House, fashion perfume houses. In the early 2000s, the world of luxury scents witnessed a resurgence of niche perfumes, rare perfumes. The owners of these perfume bottles are perfumers dedicated to making scents.

When the internet was still crawling, these rare perfume houses worked hard to make scents. However, technology boomed, communication became important, before the terror of the fashion fragrance branch, rare perfume houses could not be more conservative, they began to implement their own promotion plan. me. If Chanel or Dior use A-list stars as the face of best-selling scents, rare perfumers have equally unique and respectable strategies.

No.1 Passant Guardant inlaid with beautiful gold, priced at about 230,000 USD.
No.1 Passant Guardant inlaid with beautiful gold, priced at about 230,000 USD.

The British perfumery Clive Christian was born in 1872, serving a small but “quality” customer, first the “class” of the royal aristocracy of the foggy country, then the conditional incense lovers all over the world. gender.

Among the many fragrance creations in the world of luxury scents by Clive Christian, No1 born in 2001 is the most loved scent, thanks in part to the house’s extremely smart communication strategy. Besides the excellent ingredients and scent formula, Clive Christian decided to make No1 a superstar. The sophisticated and dedicated perfume house gives No1 a high-class outfit in a way that no other perfumery has dared to do before. The soul-scent of No1 is contained in a Bacarat crystal bottle, on the “neck” of the perfume bottle, dignified with a 1/3 carat white diamond.


The perfume house gave No.1 a high-class outfit in a way that no other perfume house dared to do before
The perfume house gave No.1 a high-class outfit in a way that no other perfume house dared to do before

Thanks to this luxurious and luxurious outfit, Clive Christian shines, because everyone is curious and tries to learn about the most expensive perfume on the planet. No1 version of sophisticated “clothes” with the full name is No1 Imperial Majesty, which was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive perfume bottle in the world in 2001-2006, at about 215,000 USD.

No1 itself is a beautiful scent, quickly becoming the most iconic fragrance of the Clive Christian perfume house. If the No1 male version is generous and elegant, opening a woody note, the No1 female version of spring is radiant with a floral fragrance that lingers.

Clive Christian is a testament to being awake and alert. To maintain his Guinness record, in 2014, once again, No1 was replaced by Clive Christian with a new shirt called No1 Passant Guardant in beautiful gold, costing about 230,000 USD, meticulously finished by artisans, Very limited, and exclusively sold at the Clive Christian boutique located on the 6th floor, the Salon de Parfums fragrance section of the UK’s most famous shopping building, Harrods.


No.1 Passant Guardant inlaid with beautiful gold, priced at about 230,000 USD
No.1 Passant Guardant inlaid with beautiful gold, priced at about 230,000 USD

However, when you are at the peak of your glory, very soon, there will be a “top of the top”. In 2019, the whole world was startled when CNN reported on a perfume masterpiece called Shumukh – Supreme, on display at the luxury shopping mall in Dubai.

In addition to material factors such as 3,571 diamonds and pounds of pure gold and pure silver adorning the Supreme, Supreme’s soul took more than 3 years to create from the traditional incense notes of the land of the Thousand and One Nights such as: sandalwood, frankincense, mountain rose, frankincense… After 494 steps of perfecting the scent formula, the owner of Supreme, Nabeel perfume house, confidently introduces the complete work worth 1.3 million capital to the grave world.


This is a prime example of luxury becoming more sophisticated and sublimated in the fragrance world. It’s gone too far, the notion that scent is expensive. Far beyond the value of money, the works that satisfy the sense of smell are not simply put on a set of meticulously inlaid gold and silver diamonds. People seek out scents because of their souls, their unique beauty, their unmistakable demeanor.


No exaggeration, scent is a fierce beauty world, where the rule of elimination is higher than any other beauty domain. Gone are the days when people were passionately loyal to a scent and embraced it for the rest of their lives. Perfume became a hobby, an interesting collectible.

Some people wonder, well aside from the problem of inlaid diamonds, those are limited edition perfume bottles, so what’s the difference between the 50USD perfume bottles and the 500USD perfume bottles, they are all in glass jars. crystal, the same composition as sandalwood and rose and citrus?


"Legend" of the world of luxury scents - Chanel No.5, with a price of about 3,300,000 VND
“Legend” of the world of luxury scents – Chanel No.5, with a price of about 3,300,000 VND

It’s easy to imagine, why in the same alphabet, there are famous writers, and there are writers that no one dares to read? From the basic material materials, depending on the creative ability of each individual, the value of the finished product is determined.

Next, the same piece of salmon, why is eating at a certain Japanese buffet restaurant different than eating at a Japanese fine-ding restaurant? The quality of raw materials greatly determines the customer’s feelings-feelings.

That’s why a part of scent lovers are becoming more and more thorough. They no longer find pleasure in too common perfume bottles. The scent is always personal, containing the desire to reveal hidden and instinctive meanings. One cannot assimilate a scent. The scent can’t be too easy to “touch”. This is your chance for the luxury fragrance branch to shine.

As mentioned, luxury here is not simply a matter of expensive – cheap, but luxury is an emotion. Vanity but also logic and easy to understand, emotions often can not…cheap. And scent lovers gradually look to luxury fragrance names to satisfy their thirst for smell. These big names, independent and long-standing, they have seniority and experience-financial to reserve for themselves the experience of making scents, a stock of rare and exclusive ingredients. Standing out from the trends-trends that soon bloom and fade, scent artists live in the right way, they go hand in hand with incense lovers, bringing many valuable surprises to the scent world.


Always personal, there is a desire to reveal hidden hidden meanings and instincts – one cannot uniformize a scent. The scent can’t be too easy to “touch”.


The same culture as Nabeel, must mention the Amouage perfumery, born in 1983 by an Omani prince, with the ambition to restore the Arab perfume empire at that time, which was seriously disoriented. Amouage’s aromatic creations are made with the finest and exclusive aromatic ingredients of the house of incense, of the land of Oman.

When smelling the scents of Amouage, it is difficult for the smeller to “pick up” specific individual notes. The ingredients blend seamlessly and vividly, weaving each Amouage scent into a diverse, persistent, unique, unpredictable aromatic state. Literally, these are delightfully poetic journeys with no end told by scent.



Amouage calls its fragrant creations Gifts of Kings. Many scent lovers call Amouage a luxury perfume, because of the richness of the quintessential aromatic ingredients, and because of the aesthetic and highly cultural appearance of the perfume bottle.

If the Amouage men’s perfume bottle has the form of the dagger, a traditional protective weapon of the desert men, the Amouage women’s perfume bottle takes the form of the sacred temple of the Thousand and One Nights. Amouage’s typical, unique and timeless fragrance creations include the Memoir duo, the Lyric duo, the Jubilation XXV duo, the Interlude duo…



Sharing the same nationality as Clive Christian, it is impossible not to mention the contemporary master of scent Roja Dove. With the treasure is a source of refined raw materials, many natural aromatic ingredients are in a state of refinement and close to the “red book” that money can hardly buy such as ambergris, agarwood, oak moss…, along With an unmistakably beautiful vibe and ability to create sophisticated fragrances, Roja Dove persistently built herself a luxury fragrance empire with a strange charm.

Once you have known the world of Roja Dove fragrance, it is very difficult for you to ignore or not be obsessed or be able to fall in love with the scents you used to have from the beginning. Famous for her beautiful creation of Hauto Luxe, sparkling with gold leaves “flying” floating inside the perfume bottle, Roja Dove wants to subtly tell us one thing: In the world of luxury scents, gold is just a little bit. jewelry for the eyes, because many fragrant materials are more precious and valuable than gold.



Referring to perfume without visiting France is indeed a big omission. Besides prestigious fragrant names like Guerlain or Jar Parfums, we have the hidden beauty Henry Jacques.

France has been one of the most important fragrance ingredients in the perfumery industry since the late 19th century to the present, and Henry Jacques and his fragrance collection are the essence of French fragrance. Sophisticated, meticulously collecting aromatic materials in the highest possible state, Henry Jacques builds scents that preserve the poetic and soaring French fragrance value.

Surely movie lovers remember the haunting gyro in the movie Inception by director Christopher Nolan – Henry Jacques put his aromatic essence into a beautifully designed gyro-shaped crystal jar. Besides the available scents, Henry Jacques or Roja Dove are willing to design your own scents. Because to own a special scent in the world of luxury scents is when you have your own personal scent.


The world of luxury fragrances is synonymous with rarity, sophistication, thoroughness, secrecy, the purpose of giving fragrance lovers more valuable, unmistakable and unforgettable experiences-emotions. And are you ready to delve deeper into the art of aromatherapy?