Marie Salamagne and the seashell cake called for memory – A good scent must be like Proust’s madeleine. At that time, the scent has the ability to move and evoke emotions so strong that they can’t be suppressed, no longer want to control. Scent is its own entity.

Marie Salamagne and interesting things about special scents

In France, the locals like to sip madeleine every day. At first glance, madeleine has a cake-like texture, as small as an eagle’s, cupped in the shape of a shell, and smells like buttermilk custard. If you are a good cook, the madeleine cake must be fragrant, stimulate the sense of smell, cool outside, flutter, gently provoke the visual, right when placed on the tip of the tongue, blending the senses, pieces cake and soul almost “melt” into each other.

Marie Salamagne and interesting things about special scents
Marie Salamagne and interesting things about special scents

The French can faithfully present breakfast, afternoon tea, and evening dessert with madeleine without being bored. And, the muse of the fragrant world – Marie Salamagne compared the scent she created must be like a madeleine cake in the work In Search of Lost Time by the great poet Marcel Proust. In the story, on a dreary winter day, the character Marcel is at a standstill. Unconsciously sipping lemon blossom tea with a piece of madeleine, Marcel was startled. Tasting it again, he found it strange but familiar. On the third madeleine, he awoke. The aroma-the taste of the cake mixed with fragrant tea dispels the present disappointment, bringing Marcel back to his beautiful and peaceful childhood. “La madeleine de Proust”, or “Proust’s madeleine cake” became a familiar French idiom, referring to an event – emotion – action capable of recalling memories.

Portrait of Marie Salamagne

Marie Salamagne will be less strange and become more defined if I tell you about the fragrant madeleines Marie used to make. First, Alaia perfume by Alaia Paris fashion house is a scent that evokes his clear childhood memories in his native Tunisa. Alaia’s leather theme has a nostalgic, discreet vintage part (for some reason, when it landed in Vietnam, it “evolved” into a “secret bedroom woman”). Next, Armani Eau De Nuit is a tobacco-themed male scent, co-operated by Marie Salamagne with Armani, very popular with men. Not stopping there, Jo Malone has two poetic scents, Tuberose & Angelica and Mimosa & Cardamom, which are also two proud creations of Marie Salamagne. Other significant marks of Marie Salamagne include By The Fireplace for Maison Martin Margiela, Mandarine Basilic for Guerlain, Histoire d’Orangers for L’Artisan Parfumeur, Aura for Mugler… Very young, 2005, when new At 28 years old, Marie Salamagne has a scent of her own creation. Since then, the Parisian muse has been silent and passionate about creating fragrance non-stop.

Alaia is clear

Mimosa & Cardamom…

…a delicious creation for Jo Malone

By The Fireplace, sweet & “cheeky” in winter days

Born in 1977, in the same generation as the hero Pierre Guillaume (owner of the chocolate scent Musc Maori or cognac inviting Liqueur Charnelle), after graduating from the university of pharmacy, Marie Salamagne “escaped”, studying to become an artist. incense, determined not to continue the family business. The case of Marie Salamagne more or less reminds us of Roja Dove, who also gave up the path of a pharmacist to become a master of scent. Marie Salamagne doesn’t talk much, always has different notebooks in hand, the purpose is very clear, one notes aromas, the other notes natural fragrance ingredients, another records ideas/feelings suddenly… Marie is quiet but hard-working to the extreme, sensitive to the point of thorns, has the opportunity to study religion with master scent artists like Oliver Cresp (the creator of Light Blue For fragrance). Her for Dolce & Gabbana, Angel for Mugler, Midnight Poison for Dior), Alberto Morillas (CK One for Calvin Klein, 212 for Carolina Herrera, Gucci Bloom for Gucci), Jacques Cavallier (man-woman duo L’Eau D’Issey) for Issey Miyake, the entire fragrance project of 28 scents to the present time (Louis Vuitton, M7 for YSL)… After completing the aromatherapy course, she accompanied Firmenich, the scent-fragrance company. The oldest and most influential material in the field of scents, from 2001 to the present. At Firmenich, working with associates – master of scents, Marie Salamagne’s meticulousness in the preparation of incense is also satisfied by the company’s rich and high-quality inventory of aromatic ingredients.

Marie Salamagne and other talented perfumers of Firmenich

Another memorable mark in Marie Salamagne’s career: 2015 marked the birth of the perfume house Atelier Des Ors, and the French perfumer was chosen to collaborate with this new fragrance house for a long time. This is truly an amazingly effective collaboration. The owner of Atelier Des Ors, Mr. Jean-Phillippe Clemont, decided to choose Marie Salamagne as her long-term collaborator, after a long time observing and contemplating her aromatic creations. The beautiful sparkling bottles of Atelier Des Ors with gold leaf floating “flying” inside are, in fact, symbolic of our memories – romantic feelings, and the incense house’s name itself, Atelier Des Ors means really means “workshop of subtleties”. Atelier Des Ors discussed with Marie Salamagne the inspiration for the scent, the hard-working fragrance artist. Marie Salamagne and Firmenich’s rich and quintessential ingredients have created Atelier Des Ors’ romantic and evocative aromatic state. Six years have passed, Marie Salamagne has been dedicated to creating 16 scents for Atelier Des Ors.

The most significant is probably Rose Omayyade. Belonging to the Floriental fragrance style – oriental floral fragrance, in the direction of Rose-Oud, traditional rose-agarwood, however, Marie Malasagme uses Centifolia pink, also known as May rose, to build the core of creativity. this fragrance. About Centifolia persimmons, called May roses because this is the most ideal occasion to harvest this thick-winged rose, which has a fresh, rich, deep and vivid fragrance. Persimmon Centifolia is grown in the most important aromatic ingredient in modern aromatherapy, the city of Grasse, France. Each rose bush per season produces about 80 May roses. 80 roses is equivalent to 3 ounces of roses, and we need… 1 ton of roses to extract about 1 kg of rose oil. In its heyday, in the 1930s, every harvest season, Grasse shipped… 2,000 tons of rose petals for the scent world. Currently, each year, Grasse maintains about 100 tons of roses, enough to make 100 kg of May rose oil, and then carefully considers it for incense houses around the world. Firmenich has its own May rose farm run by a family of traditional florists in Grasse. And Atelier Des Ors’ Rose Omayyade uses this quintessential natural note to create a nuanced fragrance that blooms on the skin. Mixed with agarwood, the rose with thick petals seems to be released from the body, exuding a bright fragrance, rising from the deep-deep of the sacred wood note capable of sedating and cleansing.

Besides Rose Oymeyyade, Marie Salamagne connected her passion for painting since childhood with perfume when creating Atelier Des Ors scent with minimalist nuances, but surprisingly capable of causing memories – Nuda Veritas . Nuda Veritas, or “naked truth”, the work of painter Gustav Klimt, when perfumed, is as bright as the dawn, clear as a small stream, gently caressing, removing all sorrows in the mind. mind. Very skillfully, Marie Salamagne used – carefully seasoned with the correct dose of white floral notes, pangolin with musk and ambrox, creating a pure, pure, tranquil yet pure fragrance effect. so cuddle your lover.

Above are two typical examples of Marie Salamagne’s creative style. Whether the perfume bottle is sophisticated or mysterious or pure, Marie Salamagne is always obvious and calm. She built the scent not in a noisy, big way. Marie Salamagne’s scent does not rush to overwhelm the person who smells it, but harmoniously applies to the skin, slowly blends into the skin, and then gradually transforms – revives, rekindles, and gently releases layers of fragrance. Vibrant, graceful, durable and long-lasting. Along with Rose Omayyade and Nuda Veritas, Marie Salamagne continues to create a fragrance for Atelier Des Ors through other highly regarded scents such as vanille Lune Feline, Bois Sikar tobacco, Iris Fauve, Rouge Saray sandalwood.. .

“A good scent must be like a piece of Proust’s madeleine. At that time, the scent has the ability to move and evoke emotions so strong that it can’t be suppressed, no longer wants to control. Scent is the essence of it’s him.”

That is Marie Malasagne, the muse in the fragrant world, always thinking of her creative work with the soul of a small seashell cake.