Not only illusory or sexy, the intimate scent helps people calm down and soothe the mind. Since ancient times, the positive aromatic effects of familiar plants such as lavender, mint, patchouli… have been known and applied by scent artists. More romantic and voluptuous, perfumers believe that there are herbs with a mission to bring scent of luck and happiness.

May – The Month of the Scent of Luck

The lily of the valley, known in the West as Muguet, or Lily of the valey, is the flower that brings the “scent of luck”. A traditional citadel – a beautiful culture, spring to summer is the time when Europeans, especially the French, congratulate each other on peace by giving each other bouquets of pure lily of the valley full of affection. And in May, hello summer, when the plants are ready to flower and bear fruit, it is also the time when the lily-of-the-valley flowers sing softly in the wind, which is called the month of May, Lucky. This flower, as clear as a drop of morning dew, as pure as a teardrop, condenses into small clusters on young green leaves, cheering. The lily is also the flower of happiness. Western weddings always prefer this simple and lovely flower.

How does the bell orchid smell? Is it as fragrant as a rose, as sweet as jasmine, as fragrant as a cup, and as overwhelming as a lily?

Happiness is often genuine, luck is often simple. And lily-of-the-valley is a rare floral scent (smells not flowering) in tune with both flower lovers and those who are simply rustic without flowers. The scent is fresh, green, milky, light, dry and cool. Lan lily has scent of luck, a harmony of dancing plants and summer breezes. Clear and happy, carefree and unflappable. It is believed that the healthy scent of this flower can heal the heart and treat many diseases related to the heart. When the heart no longer hurts, people will be happy, and when happy, that’s when luck pulls back and closes.

Molinard’s Muguet awakens all senses of the smeller. Just like waking up in a fresh morning, bare feet touch the cool green grass, gently wafting through the fresh scent of lily of the valley fluttering in the wind. The scent of peace, openness, and continuity spreads green accords in the characteristic of lucky flowers.

May - The Month of the Scent of Luck
May – The Month of the Scent of Luck

Phaedon’s Rue De Lilac is the scent of luck of the Parisian spring, where the paved streets are open, we pass by the flower shop, encounter each bunch of lilac flowers lined up next to the lovingly-scented lilac. Rue De Lilac is pure, cheerful, ageless, and loves life. The scent of flowers is clean and dry like being bathed in the cool rain. The rain has stopped, the street is poetic, the fragrance of flowers is gently dancing.

Phaedon's Rue De Lilac is the lucky scent of spring Paris
Phaedon’s Rue De Lilac is the lucky scent of spring Paris


Mizensir’s L’Ombre Du Lys is perhaps the latest fragrance inspired by the lily-of-the-valley orchid that is both refreshingly delightful and ingenious at the same time preserving its pristine beauty. The scent is clear, clean, white, and fresh like water. Wandering gently flying in that cool, fresh air, the scent of blue lily-of-the-valley flowers is fragrant. The aftertaste, a bit of slender branches and leaves gently letting go of the incense, evokes a serene aromatic tea effect and awakens all senses.

Mizensir's L'Ombre Du Lys is perhaps the newest scent of luck creation
Mizensir’s L’Ombre Du Lys is perhaps the newest scent of luck creation


Parfums Quartana’s Lily Of The Valley, bravely and directly, understands and exploits the lily of the valley in a completely different and instinctive way. Movie fans can’t ignore the Breaking Bad series with the detail that the character uses lily of the valley to extract poison to secretly defeat the opponent. The Lucky Flower of the Parfums Quartana house is cool with a hint of mineral salt, strange but familiar, both fresh and wild.

Amouage Honor Woman is simply a lucky floral fragrance that is delicate, gentle, genuine, elegant, and with a sense of character. The May floral note in Honor cleverly expresses a faithful, inseparable love. It can be said that Honor Woman is the scent that describes the most authentic and “fresh” lily of the valley among the contemporary lucky floral scent creations.

Lily ROJA Parfums

We are so familiar that we consider lily-of-the-valley flowers to be easy-to-see and predictable flowers. Have you ever thought that flowers with the scent of luck can also be showcased and evolved into a luxurious fine-dining scent? May flowers in the hands of Roja Parfums, meticulously decorated by Roja Dove, shining romantically and attractively. Bearing the simple name Lily, the sweet, innocent, gentle fragrance is definitely the scent of luck that no one can refuse.

Lily ROJA Parfums crystallizes from flowers that possess the scent of luck
Lily ROJA Parfums crystallizes from flowers that possess the scent of luck