Roja Dove, the owner of her own eponymous perfume brand Roja Parfums, is certainly a unique case in the world of scents. With his talent and flair, he built a fragrant empire full of loyal and voluntary fan-groups no less than famous stars. Even though he doesn’t want to, he is also an artist who “attracts” more market talk than most. Together we will learn about the most valuable fragrance brand at the moment, and then talk about the markets that make the already famous scent master Roja Dove even more famous.

ViinRiic Profile #2: scent master Roja Dove

ViinRiic Profile #2: scent master Roja Dove
ViinRiic Profile #2: scent master Roja Dove

Before building the Roja Parfums fragrance empire with the slogan “The Finest Fragrances In The World”, Roja Dove lived for a long time in France and worked for the fragrant monument Guerlain. This close and fruitful relationship ended when Guerlain, from the family company, changed business strategy to become a member of the global luxury group LVMH, in 1994. In 2001, Roja Dove decided to leave Guerlain, return to England. The Guerlain Empire, after nearly 180 years and four generations, finally succumbed to the times. Roja Dove said: “Jean-Paul Guerlain, the fourth generation of the fragrant Guerlain family, humorously bragged to me that he was lucky to have…180 years of experience. And now he no longer stays with him for long. Guerlain and I, to be honest, I’m sad. But anyway, the LVMH group is also a French national, they probably understand a lot about French values, French culture, and they will cherish one of the oldest incense houses. France. I hope so.”

On September 25, 1977, on his 21st birthday, young Roger Bird rewarded himself with a trip to Paris. At the Champ-Elysee boulevard of light, the Cambridge University Pharmacy student visited the old Guerlain perfume shop. Fate has linked Guerlain with Roger Bird-Roja Dove ever since. Twenty-four years later, in 2001, Guerlain’s Global Ambassador decided to leave France to build the world of Roja Parfums in London on his own. Currently, the old Guerlain water shop still stands there on the Champ-Elysee avenue, next to the most beautiful and bustling Sephora store in France. At this Guerlain parlor you can admire almost the full range of aromatic creations by France’s most important perfumer. Currently, Roja Dove confidently shines in his sophisticated fragrance world, with his “brain” store Roja Parfumerie located at Harrods shopping building, London. Harrods is also one of the six most important perfume niches in the world. At Roja Dove Harrods store, besides the famous Roja Dove scents, you will have the opportunity to admire and experience his unique and discreet fragrance creations.

Talking about the British scent mecca Harrods, to get to the position it is today, is a must-see destination for every perfume collector when having the opportunity to visit the land of fog, also thanks to the awareness Timely and sensitive when he proactively invited Roja Dove to collaborate on creating the Harrods Perfume Lounge the moment he left Paris and returned to London. In 2004, the first fragrances were carefully selected by Roja Dove to enter the Harrods Hall of Fame such as Clive Christian, Grossmith, Lalique, Caron, Xerjoff, Tom Ford… Currently, the Fragrance Hall is bustling with racing. fragrant scents of Guerlain, Boadicea The Victorious, Creed, Chanel, Dior, Byredo, Nasomatto…and countless other famous names. Harrods has become an important and proud destination not only for scent collectors, but also for niche perfumers themselves. Not stopping there, Roja Dove continues to upgrade the Roja Parfums brand. He moved the Scent Hall, which had become too busy, to the quiet 6th floor of the shopping building. The 6th floor of Harrods is called Salon de Parfums, truly a haven for collectors of rare perfumes. Here, you will meet top incense houses such as Henry Jacques, Frederic Malle, Ex Nihilo, By Kilian, Atelier des Ors, Profuum Roma… The people you meet or welcome you in this Salon de Parfums are knowledgeable. The scent is deep. People come to the Harrods Scent Hall to indulge their olfactory lust, and step onto the Harrods Salon de Parfums to find their own super rare and exclusive fragrance creations that are found nowhere else in the world. world you have a chance to meet.

Talking about Roja Dove and his fragrant world, many people commented that, once they got acquainted with Roja, it would be difficult to fall in love with the perfume bottles they used to have. Roja Dove does not call his perfumes expensive or extravagant, he defines from the very beginning of his fragrance construction as “The Finest Fragrances In The World”, “The World’s Best Perfumes”. . At that time, in the early 2000s, the average perfume bottle cost about 25 pounds, equivalent to 900,000 VND, the bottles of Roja Parfums perfume appeared, costing 295 and 450 pounds, about…nearly 10,000. 000 VND and 15,000,000 VND. Roja Dove said: “You don’t care what people think, because that’s something you can never control. You also need to stand up to do something, because if you don’t do it, wait for someone to do it, And if you don’t do it, no one will know who you are. I don’t know much about this and that. However, I understand perfumes well. listen and follow personal experiences gained from my time in the fragrance industry.”
And it’s true that he didn’t really care. Roja Dove perfume is only for the serious fragrance lover. He does not give his scent to KOL or beauty blogger to please. This makes some frustrated influencers “crazy” because they are ignored, and they write about Roja Dove perfume in a way too subjective, even, somewhat maliciously disparaging. However, this pioneering and definitive move by Roja Dove also received consensus from many other independent scent artists. Andy Tauer or perfumer Mendittorosa clearly expressed his opinion in the media as follows: perfume belongs to those who love scents, not to some KOL who actively begs and decides the fate of scents. instead of the real owners. As a result, the hatred could not touch the respect of the lover for Roja Dove. His loyal customers, besides us, are 6-star super-luxury airlines, high-class hotel groups, great artists, leading national politicians…
Currently, Roja Dove has fragrant creations of hundreds of millions, or even higher. However, for collectors, they understand the value of the finished product and appreciate the artist’s creativity, so Roja Dove perfume is even more valuable to own. People are happy and proud with every bottle of Roja Dove perfume they get. Roja Dove perfume is displayed in the most solemn position in the professional and quintessential perfume shops in Europe. In Asia, Vietnam is the first and only country to officially sell Roja Dove fragrance creations. You can experience his flawlessly beautiful scents such as Vetiver, Amber Aoud, Enigma, Diaghilev, Hauto Luxe, A Goodnight the fragrant mecca ViinRiic.