Looking at Pierre Guillaume, owner of two perfumers Phaedon and Pierre Guillaume Paris, and also the creator of extremely beloved contemporary fragrance creations like Tabac Rouge or Liqueur Charnelle, it is easy to misunderstand him as a actors, models or stylists belong to the flashy world of showbiz fashion, not a reclusive “master” alchemist in the world of scents. Pierre Guillaume has beautiful, wet, French eyes, a beautiful, strong, toned body, full of 6 packs. The perfumers-perfume makers are often… old, something old. While Pierre Guillaume is…too young and beautiful for this title.

ViinRiic Profile #1: travel with the most beautiful man in the world scent Pierre Guillaume

ViinRiic Profile #1: travel with the most beautiful man in the world scent Pierre Guillaume
ViinRiic Profile #1: travel with the most beautiful man in the world scent Pierre Guillaume



In 2002, at the age of 24, Pierre Guillaume was suddenly recognized and became famous in the niche perfumery field thanks to his first fragrance creation called Coze. Coze features ebony, coffee, cannabis, and cigar leaves. The scent is firm, “dark”, is solidly masculine, excitedly stimulating the olfactory senses of the smeller in a generous and novel way. From the time Coze was born to the present, almost 20 years later, if you pay attention, you will see in the vast aromatic treasures of “hot man” Pierre Guillaume there are many notes inspired scents. Liquor-medicine, repeat, Tabac Rouge, Liqueur Charnelle, to recent aromatic creations like Animal Mondain, Mojito Chypre, Swim/Sx…


Pierre Guillaume did not identify himself as an aromatherapist, but as an alchemist. According to him, a perfumer is simply a perfumer, while an achemist-alchemist is much more complicated than a perfumer. An alchemist’s perfume isn’t just fragrant, he mix-match gathers and blends man-made chemical compounds and natural chemicals so that they don’t clash or cause harm on the client’s skin. mine. Fragrance creations of alchemist Pierre Guillaume must also be legal, that is, not against the rules-conventions of aromatherapy associations or organizations such as IFF and IFRA. These agencies are responsible for monitoring incense makers who use ingredients that are invasive to nature, and whether they use ingredients that are within safe limits (for example, cinnamon, if used excessively). allowable dose, will cause allergic-pruritic rash on human skin).



Pierre Guillaume was born in 1977 in Clemont-Ferrand, France. His father was a renowned independent chemist, he inherited the family, continuing his father’s illustrious career, while developing himself into a well-respected fragrance artist in the world of scents. Pierre Guillaume’s “introductory” scent Coze was inspired by his own father, a connoisseur of alcohol-drugs. Of course, the artist does not simply hang around with a childhood inspiration. When asked among the six senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, feeling, and without hesitation, Pierre Guillaume affirmed that, to him, seeing is the most important. Therefore, Pierre Guillaume was especially passionate about teleportation. On his travels, Pierre Guillaume collected local aromatic ingredients that are not easy to find and promptly recorded what he saw with scent. And fragrance lovers have the opportunity to travel with Pierre Guillaume through unique and evocative aroma-diary-journals.

1. Indochine:




Europeans, especially the French, love ancient Asian cultures, however, to find and understand fully, not much. Pierre Guillaume had a pilgrimage along the Mekong River, he visited Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Returning to France, Pierre Guillaume compiled Indochine, or Indochina. The fragrance of the afternoon sun is gentle, rustic, and peaceful, sweeping over the thanaka trees (a traditional wood that can be ground into powder to make traditional makeup), reflecting the clear color-taste of honey. A strange but dear scent, pouring on the skin and whispering into people’s minds the sweet and loving woody honey fragrance.

Along with Indochine, the fragrance of love from Indochina, Pierre Guillaume also has a scented candle named Saigon.

2. Isparta:


Isparta, Turkey, is famous for its summer persimmons. In the summer, early in the morning, when persimmons are just budding, people have harvested and distilled to get essential oils. Sparta summer persimmon has an unmistakably intense aroma mixed with unmistakable characteristic, on the one hand, red and succulent like a freshly ripened forest fruit, on the other hand, deep and deep in the wilderness with the scent of mountain rose.

Pierre Guillaume loved the scenery and the breath of this city, and created Isparta. Belonging to the pink theme, the familiar scent note, however, thanks to the use of Isparta rose oil, combined with agarwood agarwood, we have a contemporary fragrance with a soaring, mysterious, emotional Rose-Oud theme. and difference.

3. Aomassai and Noir Okoume:




Aomassai and Noir Okoume are two scents that celebrate the land of Africa, a destination that Pierre Guillaume loves and always indulges in.

Aomassai celebrates South African culture and its products, which are cocoa beans and coffee. The scent is a mixture of roasted nuts mixed with ebony wood, creating a strange coffee-chocolate aroma and stimulating the sense of smell. The scent is deep, full of life, of course, no less attractive.

If Aomassai leads us to a South Africa hard to refuse thanks to the “specialty” of cocoa and coffee, Noir Okoume is the scent of African heritage. Deep in the equatorial forest, ancient ethnic groups with unique wood carvings gradually disappeared. Pierre Guillaume has the opportunity to admire and interact with the people who make up Africa’s precious heritage, and Noir Okoume praises and reminds us of the beauty – the diverse aesthetics of the ethnic groups present in closed spaces. on this planet. The scent is created from a special wood of Africa, myrrh from that wood, accompanied by tea and sandalwood, evokes a feeling of deep wilderness while also strangely free and calm.

4. Rouge Avignon:



Rouge Avignon  belongs to Pierre Guillaume’s Phaedon fragrance project. The scent is noted as a contemporary aromatic creation with an interesting, lively, intoxicating red wine effect and is very popular. So, it’s not surprising that the scent has the word Rouge, which means red.

In fact, Rouge Avignon is not only ecstatic with the aroma of ripe wine. Pierre Guillaume created this scent inspired by Avignon. Avignon, France, is an ancient and sacred place with many glorious historical sites. Visiting Avignon, marveling at the gothic beauty of the Papal Palace, Pierre Guillaume created the mysterious and gothic Rouge Avignon scent. Rouge Avignon creates an exotic and timeless atmosphere of the old city with notes of rose, black truffle and cocoa beans.

5. Musc Maori:



Có lẽ là mùi hương nổi tiếng hơn cả của Pierre Guillaume. Chúng ta biết và ghi nhận Musc Maori là mùi hương chủ điểm sô cô la rất được mến mộ bởi cả hai giới những ai hảo ngọt. Điểm thú vị của mùi hương này, trên da mỗi người, đôi lúc đượm đà sô cô la đen, có lúc lại nuột nà sô cô la trắng. Trắng hay đen, đều ngọt ngào trong trẻo chân thật đáng yêu tựa mối tình đầu.

Probably Pierre Guillaume’s most famous scent. We know and recognize Musc Maori as a chocolate-themed scent that is loved by both sexes with a sweet tooth. The interesting point of this scent, on each person’s skin, is sometimes full of dark chocolate, sometimes white chocolate. White or black, they are sweet, pure, and lovely like first love.

In fact, with Musc Maori, Pierre Guillaume brought his lover to Australia, the most multi-ethnic language rich land in the world, and the Maori are one of the most “original” ethnic groups here. Australian cuisine as well as culture is influenced by Maori quite deeply. You may feel less unfamiliar with Maori through the famous animated film Moana by Walt Disney. The Maori are famous for their tattoo art. Inspired by the Maori tattoo, Pierre Guillaume uses musk, the scent note is known as the second skin, combined with woods and spices, creating a realistic and evocative chocolate aroma effect. Unbelievably addictive.

Above are five scents-five beautiful memorable trips in many of Pierre Guillaume’s travels. If we still want to roam, we will travel around America on a Harley through a Metal Hurlant leather-themed scent, then visit ancient Greece through the scent of Myrrhiad myrrh, and then pass through India. Scent of Tubereuse Couture lily, then enjoy the windswept Mediterranean summer through the sparkling fruity scent of Pluie de So leil…

Currently, Pierre Guillaume is still alive and hard at work creating fragrances at the laboratory in his hometown of Clemont-Ferrand. Besides the two brands Phaedon and Pierre Guillaume, the most handsome perfumer in France also collaborated to create scents for the Italian perfume house Laboratorio Olfactivo, for the Hyatt hotel group, for the Moulin Rouge… also had time to have their own perfume shop bearing their own name in Clemont-Ferrand and in the center of Paris and dozens of niche perfume shops displaying Pierre Guillaume perfumes from Europe to Asia. In Vietnam, fragrance lovers can experience Pierre Guillaume’s delicate and emotional world of fragrance at ViinRiic perfume boutique, the official exclusive distributor of Pierre Guillaume perfumes.