April Is My Lie, before being the name of Ha Anh Tuan’s favorite song, was once the name of a very famous Japanese manga manga, and was made into an anime – cartoon and even live-action movies. The idea of ​​this Scent was created by ViinRiic, a fragrant lover who is also a vibrating person and passionate about other art forms, including music and cinema. All art forms exist in parallel and in harmony. Simpler and closer, April also has the Day of Lies. We will see how ingenious and sincere the aroma notes “trick” our sense of smell.

April is a lie of Scent

1. Phaedon’s Tabac Rouge:
April is a lie of Scent
April is a lie of Scent
Tabac Rouge is a scent that is easily identifiable in the crowd, easily loved, and a contemporary fragrance creation that succeeds in balancing practicality with the individuality of the fragrant artist. .
True to the name Tabac means tobacco, many scent lovers stick with Tabac Rouge and consider it an interesting and poetic tobacco-themed fragrant, the more you smell it, the more you love it, the more you smell it, the more you smell it.
In fact, the owner of the scent, the man behind the Phaedon fragrance house, the talented French scent artist Pierre Guillaume, excitedly revealed, there is absolutely no… tobacco ingredient in Tabac Rouge. To create a unique, warm, romantic and unique tobacco aroma effect for Tabac Rouge, he used the aromatic cinnamon note combined with myrrh and vanilla. As a result, Tabac Rouge has a pleasant and light tobacco fragrance, a highly addictive scent for those who love alcohol-drugs.
2. Amouage’s Crimson Rocks:
 Amouage's Crimson Rocks
Amouage’s Crimson Rocks

Born in 2020, Amouage’s Crimson Rocks was quickly discovered and accepted by scent lovers. Not only a personality and quality rose scent, people recognize in Crimson Rocks a deep and sharp tobacco leaf note that blends with wild and passionate mountain roses.
Rose tobacco, what’s more haunting?
To create a rich and powerful aroma of dry roasted tobacco in Crimson Rocks, Amouage uses cedarwood essential oil combined with cinnamon. Cedar is known for its dry, woody aroma that, when wrapped with the spicy taste of cinnamon, merges into the scent of tobacco leaves that are slowly drying to yellow.
The rose + tobacco combo is inherently not too strange in the aromatic world, however, Crimson Rocks is an exceptional aromatic experience, interesting, difficult to read, and easily exhilarating.

3. Symphonie Passion of UNUM:

Fragrance creation inspired by the boundless passion for music of Filippo Sorcinelli, owner of the perfume house UNUM. Not overwhelmingly fussy with layers of scent, in fact, this is a scent that smells like “burnt grass”.
Friendly, approachable, introverted, and free-spirited, Symphonie Passion itself isn’t fluid or complex or confusing. Deep within the scent itself is the green living drop of plants, harmony and joy that shines and exudes fragrance. The scent of green grass sparkles thanks to the fruity aroma with cloves, becoming more sharp when the woody aftertaste appears and intertwines. This unmistakable bright green flavor is “fresh” cannabis, in other words, Symphonie Passion is taking this sedative herb as the root to build its own charm and charm. relaxing for the sniffer.
Successfully creating a friendly and easy-to-feel “need grass” aroma effect, UNUM uses the main note of vetiver of vetiver, dyes this earth-friendly grass scent with the taste of citrus, and then sharpens it with cedar. . As a result, Symphonie Passion is a green aromatic fragrance that is elegant, close, pleasant, and stimulates the sense of smell.

4. Bloodflower by Parfums Quartana:

Parfums Quartana is a unique and wonderful fragrance project, taking the toxicity of flowers to create scent, and a part of the proceeds, the incense house will contribute to research projects on the effects of plants on health. human.
Bloodflower, literally in Vietnamese, can be understood as Blood Flower, professional name is Ngo Thi, is a beautiful flowering plant that changes from orange to blood red. People often grow Bloodflower as an ornamental plant, however, if you taste or swallow this flower, your chances of death are towering. So poisonous, but if you know how to use it, Bloodflower is effective in stopping bleeding and treating tuberculosis.
On the skin, Bloodflower smells like a pure, alluring floral fragrance that quickly becomes thick, swirly, and sticky. The scent is lively and virtual, half pure and pure, half thick and fragrant…blood. Vibrant smell of blood. Half vampire, half gothic.
To create this interesting, captivating and evocative blood-metal effect, Parfums Quartana cleverly combines a variety of herbal-floral herbs such as anise, licorice, and rose. Of course, don’t worry, the scent has absolutely no… real blood in it.

5. South of Mendittorosa:

The independent Italian perfumery is famous for its fragrant creations such as the forbidden fruit Sirio, amber Sogno Reale, or the North incense that has a hidden gem – a gem hidden in a charming and interesting stone called South.
South is a “go home” scent, inspired by the kitchens of southern Italian homes. Italy is famous for its family-loving tradition. Italians value the meal of members of the same bloodline. This is the time for them to have a chance to reunite and strengthen their bond with each other. And South is a crystalline scent from Italian familial love.
The scent is clean and close to the smell of a bright and loving kitchen. Honest and open-minded, South is alive and kicks with the inspiration of a chef dedicated to creating delicious western sandwiches. The scent is honest and natural, the smell of bread dough, simple, decent, and strangely attached.
To successfully create a “bread” effect, Mendittorosa applies the creamy-creamy aroma of sandalwood to South. The scent not only has a lovely Gourmand fragrance, but also has a calming, sedative and relaxing effect.
Of course, lying is…not advisable. However, not all lies are hateful. There are lies that are harmless, lovely, even, true.
ViinRiic wishes you to have more interesting and surprising experiences in April with this Scent song.