Wine is a traditional and unique drink, and when it comes to Scent Note 4 wine, we can’t help but be amazed at the wonderful experiences it brings. With the perfect fusion of art and science, the Scent Note 4 has built a solid reputation in the wine industry and made its mark in the hearts of lovers of refined flavours.

VIINRIIC Scent Note 4 – ViinRiic P1’s Wine: Wine

The common point of wine and perfume, both of which are alcoholic aromatic substances, are capable of causing emotional intoxication-sublimation for the enjoyer. Wine and perfume have a long history in common, and both have a place – a towering social status. Even perfumes were originally meant for the gods, but only later were they close and attached to human life. The wine is as fragrant as the perfume. Before sipping and enjoying, the aroma of wine has soon “intoxicated” people.

The most common and familiar, of course, is the wine of VIINRIIC Scent Note 4. The simple description sounds innocent, the wine is…fermented grapes. When it comes to wine, our minds immediately fly to France. In fact, wine has a rich and long history of development, dating back to the Late Stone Age. Similar to perfumery, people witness the birth of fermented grape juice in a variety of geographical locations on earth, from the Middle East to ancient Greece and ancient Rome. It was the Romans who brought the art of winemaking to France, around the 6th century BC. However, French wine was always the best domestic product, only circulated within France until 1850, French wine officially traveled all over the world, and successfully built the French wine brand as it is today. at we know.

Regarding the benefits of Scent Note 4 wine, if consumed regularly without abuse, it helps the body increase blood circulation, stabilize the cardiovascular system, reduce depression, prevent stroke, and even reduce fat. Not only delicious and easy to drink, the aromatic effect of wine is also especially loved by flavoring artists. And from there, we have more aromatic creations carrying the aromatic spirit of this healthy wine. An interesting point is that even if you can’t drink alcohol, you can still enjoy delicious wines without worrying about being drunk or allergic.

1. Liquides Imaginaires Bloody Wood

Viinriic Scent Note 4: Liquides Imaginaires Bloody Wood
Viinriic Scent Note 4: Liquides Imaginaires Bloody Wood
Liquides Imaginaires has a great passion for alcoholic beverages. Certainly, in ViinRiic’s Scent Note 4 Wine series, scent lovers will also enjoy a wide range of delicious wines from this quality and personality house.
Bloody Wood is full of “ripe” red wine aromas. The inspiration to create Bloody Wood is the winning mood-yeast. The scent is exhilarating, uplifting, overflowing, encouraging, and full of life energy. The cool white wine pairing is followed by a rich red wine aged in oak that makes people constantly go forward to enjoy the scent of the invincible.

2. Amouage Lyric Woman

Viinriic's Scent Note 4: Amouage Lyric Woman
Viinriic’s Scent Note 4: Amouage Lyric Woman
Nếu Bloody Wood khẳng khai và cuộn trào, Lyric Woman là thứ vang đỏ về đêm. Mùi hương lãng mạn, tinh tế, các lớp hương-note hương giàu có song không ganh đua, cứ thế gối lên nhau, hài hòa và hòa hợp, kiến tạo nên thứ hương rượu vang sâu thẳm, nhuộm hồng da thịt, tỏa ra không gian lớp hương yêu đương hoang lạc quyến luyến đến mê say.
Lyric Woman không chỉ xúc cảm trên da nữ giới. Nhiều nam giới cũng bị ám ảnh trước vẻ đẹp ma mị và lôi cuốn đến không thể chối từ của thứ rượu vang hảo hạng và lạ lẫm này.

3. Phaedon Rouge Avignon

The same deep wine, however, Rouge Avignon does not have the emotional fine-dining style of Lyric Woman. True to its name, the scent takes us to the land of Avignon, France.
An ancient place with beautiful old synagogues, Avignon is peaceful and quiet, and is a destination for those who love the fresh, peaceful atmosphere, with countless works of Gothic architecture. . Sitting by a roadside pub, surrounded by beautiful, long-lasting stone church works, the scent of wine lingers strangely.
That is the deep and smooth sublimation of Rouge Avignon.

4. Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa

Continuing to exploit the charm of wine, this time, Liquides Imaginaire invites us to the intoxicating yeast of life called Dom Rosa.
Dom Rose truly has the sound of rosé, which is a light wine that is chilled and sparkling, fresh and fresh, and bright and refreshingly cold. The scent has a natural wet, luscious wine scent that stimulates and encourages the sense of smell, giving the scent owner a feeling-energy full, positive, euphoric, free.

5. Mendittorosa Le Mat

The last glass of red wine in today’s tasting comes from Italy, called Le Mat.
From the perspective of the owner of the scent, the artistic perfumery of Mendittorosa, man is the master of disguise, the saint who plays the fool, in tune with the character-card Le Mat in the Tarot deck. The card Le Mat, or the Fool, is the most mysterious and special card, and also the first card – immutable. Le Mat is free, naive, and foolish, but it is also difficult to predict the way to move. Le Mat was just so excited and excited with the spirit of adventure and liberation. Mendittorosa captures this diverse card spirit in a unified way into the scent of the same name. As a result, Le Mat’s aromatic creation is a fun, but “no joke” wine combination. The scent is deep, deep, as if there is a deep and persistent enthusiasm rekindled.
Of course, the person who understands and loves Le Mat must of course be a generous and brave person, with a harmonious personality, able to embody and accompany this extremely special and bold wine theme scent.