E Gourmande Oriental


E Gourmande Oriental

20% Perfume Concentration. An intensely warm fragrance built around a character of Amber whiskey. It has top notes of fruity rum and peachy Osmanthus, a heart of rich resinous Labdanum with smokey notes of Cade, softened and sweetened by Clove and Cinnamon. The base combines the fruity tones of wine & Oak barrels with peaty Patchouli and earthy Oakmoss, finishing in an indulgent serving of bourbon Vanilla, warm Caramel and Maple syrup.

Over time the fragrance evolves to reveal a trilogy of complementary notes.

Top Notes: Rum
Rum is obtained from sugar cane, and as it ages it absorbs complex woody notes from the barrels it is stored in to give its unique flavour and odour

Heart Notes: Labdanum
Labdanum is a resin obtained from the cistus labdanum plant which has a rich, leathery, smoky and sweet scent.

Base Notes: Maple
Base notes of sweet bourbon vanilla, warm caramel and maple syrup