C Woody Leather


C Woody Leather

20% Perfume Concentration. A deep, woody Oriental perfume that leaves a seductive smokiness on the skin thanks to its fusion of Saffron and Tobacco. The sweet freshness of Mandarin brings a pleasing balance.

Over time the fragrance evolves to reveal a trilogy of complementary notes.

Top Notes: Mandarin
Mandarin offers a juicy, fresh edge to C Woody Leather. Originated from China where it’s regarded a symbol of good fortune.

Heart Notes: Saffron
Known as “The King of Spices” and “Red Gold” saffron is native to Southeast Asia. The beautiful purple flowers herald the first sign of spring even though it is not harvested until the autumn

Base Notes: Tobacco
Dry, smoky and warm on first impressions, tobacco excuses notes of maple and caramel. Beautiful when partnered with Oudh and leather, it adds a distinctive masculine element