Epine De Rose


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Try picking a rose with your bare hands… This is not a rose. It’s far more than that. It’s everything that makes the strength, sometimes even the cruelty and the mystery of a flower in armor. Here, one must forget what they believe they know about the rose. Its supposed fragility, femininity and softness of its petals. One must change their view and lean towards what makes the flower so unique: its thorns. This perfume has spicy notes thanks to the ginger and pepper elements. The dark side is portrayed through the notes of agar wood and incense. To underline this unique combination, the delicate Bulgarian rose opposes itself to the powerful and intense Limbanol®. Epine de Rose offers a completely different vision of the rose, its armor, which makes the flower so captivating and imperceptible.


Top notes: mandarin essence, ginger essence, agarwood essence
Heart notes: Bulgarian rose essence, pink pepper essence, black pepper essence
Base notes: Alaska cedar essence, incense accord, Limbanol®


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