L Floral Chypre


L Floral Chypre

20% Perfume Concentration.This fragrance is built around a Rose and Jasmine Sambac heart, with an Orris accord and dry peppery Frankincense. It opens with sparkling Pink Pepper, crisp Rhubarb and a touch of Peach for a modern feminine touch. The floral heart is given depth with a trace of exotic Ylang-Ylang, warm spices and the honeyed tones of beeswax, while the base drips with the richness of Patchouli, which is fused with mosses and woodland Amber notes. A touch of worn leather and Papyrus, all wrapped up in soft Vanillas and musks.

Over time the fragrance evolves to reveal a trilogy of complementary notes.

Top Notes: Pink Pepper
The fragrance opens with sparkling pink pepper, crisp rhubarb and a touch of peach for a modern feminine touch

Heart Notes: Orris
An ingredient synonymous with kings, orris heralds great power and majesty. Taken from the root of the iris flower, the orris butter at the heart is creamy and warm

Base Notes: Patchouli
Extracted from the leaves, twigs and buds of a hybrid of the sweet orange and bitter orange tree. Natural citrus offers an intensely sparkling top note