Lovely Alba


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To understand the genesis of a perfume, it is sometimes necessary to know a word or three words: its code name chosen in the beginnings of creation. Like a sesame that opens the doors of history, it concentrates the intention and inspiration of the perfumer… The code name of Lovely Alba was hoping baby. He said all the love of a creator for his own, the attention and the expectation of a father and grandfather who composes the most delicate fragrance that is for a mother and her little girl to come. The time of creation is also long for a perfume. Day after day, the perfumer Agency notes and chords, coming back on, sometimes adjusting them until they get the perfect composition. Lovely Alba had to have the lightness, sweetness and innocence of a scent for the little ones while offering the intensity and the remanence of a Eau de parfum for the big ones. And it’s all here. In the grace and delicacy of the neroli supported by the orange blossom, in the transparency and freshness of the paradisone®. The concrete iris offers its powdery elegance, the benzoin and the vanilla their fondly sensuality. A fragrance that has not quite left childhood but already turns its gaze towards the future.


Top Note: bergamot essence, Paradisone®, neroli essence
Heart Note: orange blossom absolute, concrete iris
Base Note: absolute benzoin, vanilla surabsolute


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