Matin a Đà Lạt


“Lights from the pine forest knocking on the windows awakening me”

An outdoorsy, invigorating breeze of pine and cedarwood blowing through early mountain dew perfectly blends with a vivid, joyful scent of yellow pompoms of mimosa with a slight nostalgic touch of genarium and cypress note giving a flashback of the peaceful melody of the old church charm in a early morning
Matin a Dalat releases the atmosphere of one early morning on the highland with uplifting, airy and fresh green, yet deep mysterious fragrance notes resembling the beauty of the pine forest far away hidden behind the dreaming dew

Matin à Dalat – a sunny morning on the highland

Top note: Konifer, Pine
Middle note: Mimosa, Geranium, Grass
Base note: Crypress Wood, Cedar Wood, Moss