A Lab on Fire is re-launching Monoscent G and E, a distinctive duo of molecular scents, with a new look and in a bigger quantity. Each scent can be worn on its own or as a base layer to other fragrances—the wearer can use the scent alone and let its subtle effect make people lean in, or use it as a base to deepen and layer any other fragrance, turning it into a personalized scent. G and E have been available in a 60ml amber bottle since 2016, but they will be re-introduced in a 120ml size bottle, with a fresh and contemporary packaging.

MONOSCENT E – the molecular legend revisited

Since it was first released, Iso E Super, a molecule discovered in 1972, has been one of the best-selling fragrance raw materials due to its powerful yet silky smooth, warm, amber note. is characteristic note has been used to impart fullness and subtle strength to countless fragrances on the market today.

In 2006, thanks to perfumer Geza Schoen’s ingenious approach to contemporary perfumery, the raw material suddenly became a household name among the fragrance community. His idea to let this alluring raw material be commercially available as a single-ingredient scent has become an unprecedented success all over the world.

In 2014, a new and evolved version of Iso E Super appeared, as part of a sustainability initiative. This new molecule is now known as Timbersilk™.

Monoscent E is a denatured alcohol solution of this renewed smooth, woody amber scent, which is IFRA compliant at a much higher concentration than Iso E Super, while retaining its sustainability.

Monoscent E will be launched soon at the market.

Monoscent E was launched in 2019.