A Lab on Fire is re-launching Monoscent G and E, a distinctive duo of molecular scents, with a new look and in a bigger quantity. Each scent can be worn on its own or as a base layer to other fragrances—the wearer can use the scent alone and let its subtle effect make people lean in, or use it as a base to deepen and layer any other fragrance, turning it into a personalized scent. G and E have been available in a 60ml amber bottle since 2016, but they will be re-introduced in a 120ml size bottle, with a fresh and contemporary packaging.

MONOSCENT G – a tribute to the molecular masterpiece

Monoscent G is a denatured alcohol solution of Galaxolide S molecule. This newer S type is an evolution of the eponymous synthetic musk known for its clean, woody, floral nuances. e original Galxolide™ has been a must-have standard ingredient in perfumery for decades, due to its intimate yet powerful, and immediately memorable odor, at least for *those who can smell the musk.

There are a few reasons why the original Galaxolide, discovered in 1957 is regarded as a molecular masterpiece by some of the most respected perfumers of all time. Apart from its very good price-performance ratio, Galaxolide has been one of the most frequently used raw materials both in fragrances and household products for decades because of its exceptional versatility, which allows perfumers to use it in any fragrance accord where designed to evoke bloom, lift and longevity are desired. Galaxolide has all qualities that fit with every accord from fresh ones to more woody and animalic ones.

In 2007, half a century after the introduction of the original Galaxolide, a new version with a “cleaner” molecular structure was discreetly launched and a few chemists started calling it “Galaxolide Super”. Almost no one had heard of this new generation of Galaxolide until A lab on Fire launched it as a single-ingredient scent in 2015. According to a small number of perfumers who are familiar with this raw material, this new “super” version is more powerful, radiant and animalic than the original.

*According to a 1986 odor survey conducted by the National Geographic Society on a population of 1.5 million people in the United States, three in ten could not smell Galaxolide. It is a well-known fact that some people are anosmic to certain types of aroma chemicals.

Monoscent G will be launched soon at the market.

Monoscent G was launched in 2019.