Poudre D’Or


Once upon a time… A magician wanted to stop time to capture a precise moment in the day… When the night comes and the candles glow resembling gold dust. The atmosphere is soft, everything is calm, everyone is getting ready for the night… to capture these golden hours the magician borrows the perfumers palette and all its luminous and comforting scents: the explosiveness of Paradisone® and the softness of the tiare flower, gives a powdery nearly tactile feel. A duo of rare musk with a concrete Iris underlined with sandalwood and vanilla. Then the magician doses his recipe with extreme precision to achieve a perfect harmony. This divine potion reminds us of the golden evening light


Top notes: tiare flower accord, Paradisone®
Heart notes: Exaltone®, concrete iris
Base notes: Australian sandalwood essence, Madagascar vanilla superabsolute®


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