Salted Green Mango


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Mamoung Bao ( Bao Mango) native to Southern part of Thailand (Where I was born and raise) and Malaysia.

Bao Mango is small dark green skin very sour and little tart. Most mango famously eating while ripe but this type of mango should be eat while skin still green.

Easiest way to enjoy this delicacy is dipping it with salt and fresh chilli (or dried)

My inspiration came from memories of childhood

The food

The sea

The uniqueness of Southern part of Thailand

Salted green mango base on the elements of sour bitter fruits

– Bao Mango

-Star Gooseberry (Extremely sour and bitter)

– Pomelo

Combined with the salty elements from salt from dipping and salty air from geography of Southern Thailand.

With spicy from fresh green chilli.

Base on Chypre structure

This is not just a typical perfume but I wish to sharing a part of my happiness memories.

Green Mango, Orange Bitter, Petitgrain, Lime, Bergamot, Elemi, Pineapple, Pomelo, Star gooseberry, Magnolia, Rose Damask, Green Chilli, Sandalwood, Guava Leaf, Vetiver, Salt accord, Seaweed.

Sour Mango, Island, Southern Thailand, Salt, Vacation, The scent of happiness.

Genres: Salty Fruity Chypre