Tender Oud


A night in the Sahara

Even if the sun has now gone down, the sand is still warm. Slowly, it’s cooling down, caught up by an upcoming fresh night. The camp is being set up while tea and dates are brought to the table. In the distance, one can see an oasis or a mirage… or maybe is it just the dream of a perfumer? Tender Oud is the story of a dreamed Orient: Alberto Morillas has created the scent of sand, stretching as far as the eye can see and gathering all the scents of those who have trampled it. The smell of spice caravans or of saffron and pepper is as precious as gold or the dark tanned leather of the merchants’ trunks, where the fabrics from the Silk Road are kept. Tender Oud bears the sand dry minerality, sometimes hot, sometimes freezing, depending on the hours of the day or night. It also hides spicy, woody and smoky traces, like the ones left by some travellers and other adventurers.


Top notes: grapefruit essence, cardamom essence, saffron absolute
Heart notes: essence of cypriol, absolute maté, Paradisone®
Base notes: Muscone®, cedar essence of the Atlas.


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