VII Queen Anne Cosmos Flower


VII Queen Anne Cosmos Flower

A beautifully unique perfume, loaded with an unexpected depth not usually found in the Fruity Gourmande perfume family. Capturing an intense warmth with orchard fruit notes alongside opulent florals in this sumptuous bottle. The scent of cosmos flower is embodied by bittersweet cocoa alongside sensual jasmine and fruity plum giving depth & integrity to this modern and charismatic gourmande.

Over time, the fragrance evolves to reveal an olfactory composition of rare and exclusive ingredients. Unravel the mystery of the true complexity of this scents’ top, hear and base notes.

Top Notes: Lemon
Sparkling lemon offers an unexpectedly zesty hint to the fragrance, for an uplifting touch in this soft and fruity scent.

Heart Notes: Cocoa
The Cosmos Flower blooms twice per year and is considered ‘the flower of love’. To replicate the rich chocolatey aroma of this delicate flower, natural cocoa has been used in the heart to add creamy and bitter richness.

Base Notes: Benzoin
The balsamic resin Benzoin has been used in the base of the scent to create a sweet and comforting aroma that is similar in feel to Vanilla.