XX Art Nouveau Papyrus


XX Art Nouveau Papyrus

25% Perfume Concentration. Inspired by the Art Nouveau trend towards repetitive, organic shapes, this perfume is a nod to the scholarly sense of exploration and discovery that accompanied the era. The fresh green scent of Galbanum is piqued with a shock of Pink Pepper, complemented by a hint of warm Ginger and offset with the cool smooth tones of lavender, all resting on a robust base of Cedarwood, Tonka and musky Vetiver. This perfume is certified suitable for vegans.

Over time the fragrance evolves to reveal a trilogy of complementary notes.

Top Notes: Bergamot
The green notes of bergamot and galbanum travel energetically with the suggestion of pepper into a lush herbal heart of geranium, basil and tingling ginger.

Heart Notes: Lavender
Classic and clean, Lavender enhances herbal notes and cuts through oral accents

Base Notes: Papyrus
A complex note that begins with touches of sweetness and salt, but dries down to reveal a dry, woody scent that lends an austere, calm note when used in fragrance